by Shot in the Head

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This ep costs $5 because we're trying to raise money to press our full length 12 inch record that we've been working on. Please spread the word and help us out so we can give the world a record!
Huge Thanks to Dave Legenhausen for recording this and putting up with us. He's also in the process of recording out full length.
and Thank You if you bought this ep.
Keep Thrashin!
-Shot in the Head


released 06 December 2013

Recorded at CT RockTronix,
New Haven, CT
by Dave Legenhausen

Front cover compiled by: Joe Datillo
Back cover: Erin Talbot

All songs written by S.I.T.H.





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Track Name: Shepherd
You're the prodigal son, the king of nothingness
eat the body of Christ and fucking choke on it

They enter erratic with an enterprise
Wielding wide smiles and white washed eyes
With multiple arms they reach to shake my hands
I hide and deny
Cause I know what true serenity looks like
And I’ll see it when I’m blind

I digress, I decay
Track Name: Weekly Warden
Buildings packed with broken youth
that you confuse and wont teach the truth
fed us failure like we’re fools
I’m about to break more than just your fucking rules

I’ll teach you something about human science:
The warden rues the riot
Track Name: Good Grief
I don’t like the way you’re looking at me
and I don’t need your sympathy
I’ll be fine, that’s no doubt
with a fist put through your fucking mouth

This is how I deal with grief
Track Name: Baby Kermit's Nursery Rhymes
In the center of your back there’s a spine
shake hands with it
Latin from the crooked mouths of pigs
drowning themselves in a trough full of tricks
The overwhelming aroma of charred flesh and disorder
will sell your last breaths and milk your mortars

The good doctor’s presence still persistent in this kitchen
everything still rattles at the hour of the witches
3:00 a.m. I wake gagging on reality
gasping through my gurgles knowing this was all written for me

My mind bites my neck as it fucks me repeatedly
and whispers in my ear that this is nothing but normalcy
I vomit through my teeth grinded to the gums
wondering if I’ve died or if I’m finally numb…
dissident and dumb

Daylight saving itself for an arranged marriage
before it calls it quits it kills the horse and burns the carriage

In the center of your back there’s a spine
shake hands with it
Latin from the crooked mouths of pigs
drown yourself in a trough full of tricks